H.A.U.S. – funded to develop DANCR, our AI-tool for dance research

The transdisciplinary research group H.A.U.S., which I am part of since 2017, received funding from the BMKÖS to develop the artistic AI-tool DANCR.

DANCR will be an artistic, AI-driven tool. Improvisation is of utter importance for contemporary dance. DANCR will accompany individual artists in developing their dance research and expanding and refining their individual repertoire of improvisations. Dancers will use our AI-tool to dance, experiment and improvise. The processes of our AI-tool will be based on parameters coming from the dancers body, the spatiality of dance motions and its hybrid embodiment. The AI-tool is not only developed as an application, but also embodied in a humanoid robot. This will give dancers multiple opportunities to break out of their usual routines, develop individual potential and explore unknown potentials. Hence DANCR will enable not only the production of diverse innovative artistic practices in Dance Research, but also the experimentation with new aesthetics in artistic movement practice.

This project is based on several scientific and artistic research projects in 2019-21 covering machine learning, human-robot interaction, and robot dance performances. It is a cooperation between H.A.U.S., TU Vienna and OFAI (The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence).


(Foto: H.A.U.S., Eva-Maria Kraft improvising with Robot Machina, modell Pepper)